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Plessy v. Ferguson

by Nicolas Barbosa


Plessy v Ferguson
made by Saulo,Nico,Fabian
Table Of Contents
Introduction pg. 3
Rights of the accused pg. 4,5,6
Criminal Case pg. 7
Supreme Court pg. 8
Impact pg. 10
Summary pg. 11
Hi fellow Americans today we will be talking about our rights, our rights are very important because they can protect us against those who seek to harm us . But first we have to learn a little of the background of our rights, the first thing that we have to learn is Judicial Review, the Judicial Review is the ability of the US Supreme court. This ability is used to examine the laws that are passed by the president, Congress, or the states. The Judicial is part of the Constitutional system of Check and Balances, this is important because it is used by the Supreme court to prevent the President and Congress from being too powerful. This leads to Federalism, Federalism is the power divided between the Federal and States government, but the Article of Confederation gave little power to the federal government. Then the Constitution gave power to the federal government. Federalism is important because federalism protects the liberty of the individual from arbitrary power, and also prevents the federal and state government from having too much power than the other. This can also connect to the Constitution because the constitution includes the bill of rights. The bill of rights are the ten main amendments that protect the citizens.
Rights of the Accused
The America that we live in, is for the most part a country of justice and cares for the wellbeing of the people, but there was a time when it wasn't. but thankfully the amendments and the bill of rights were made. We will be covering 3 amendments that help protect the rights of the accused and the people. The first amendment that helps the rights of the accused is the fifth amendment, the fifth amendment gives the right to not incriminate yourself, prohibits double jeopardy (being tried twice for the same crime) and it requires an accusation from the grand jury before a major trial. The reason we have this is because back when we were subjected to the british king and we finally broke out of british rule the founding fathers decided to make this amendment  to provide every opportunity to prove their innocence before having any sort of charges against them. The next amendment we'll be talking about is the 8th amendment. The 8th amendment is to prevent excessive, unusual punishments for the crime committed. The last right we will talk about is the 4th amendment, the fourth amendment forbids unreasonable searches and seizures, therefore the police cannot legally search your house confiscate your belongings. -Saulo Baez
Rights of the Accused:
Habeas Corpus
In America there are laws and concepts that make life fair and justified. Habeas Corpus is one of those concepts. Habeas Corpus protects the Citizens of America from getting detained or arrested for no reason at all and requires the government official or officer to have a reason to arrest someone. 

Habeas Corpus is definitely something very important  to protect people's rights because, For example if someone got arrested for wearing sunglasses, it would completely violate people's natural rights as well as freedom of the press and many more. Habeas Corpus is something that not many people know of although it is very important to American Culture and America's system of justice.  According to the article, The Magna Carta itself asserted as early as 1215 that no "freeman" could be arrested, imprisoned, outlawed, or in any way harmed” This means that people cannot be falsely arrested or apprehended by the police. The Habeas Corpus is very important and is required in the American government. Without the Habeas Corpus America would be very different. - Nicolas Barbosa 
Rights of the Accused:
4th Amendment
The fourth amendment has the two main parts, the first one is to protect the person from unreasonable or illegal research. In the years 1775-83 Great Britain often allowed their officials to research freely in the people’s property. The second main part of the fourth amendment is that the officials have to have a warrant to search the place or arrest the person. -Fabian