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Ancient challenges at the sea

by Dravya Reja


Some Gordian knots you( the crew) or I (the captain) might face at sea.
Why might you face it?
You might face it incase you pilots don't navigate properly!

How can we avoid this?
We can avoid this by pilots using the most updated tools and must know how to read maps correctly?
How does it affect us/What does it do?
We might not reach Malaysia, our apprentices might die, our ship might wreck, fire could occur from lightning.
So brush up your navigating skills pilot!
Why does it happen?
Because of lack of vitamin C and fresh food which means the cook has to take care of the food and be responsible.

How can we take care of this?
The cook must prepare fresh food and must bring livestock on the ship and try to not let the food get rotten.
What does it do/How will it affect you?
It will make your teeth will fall out, your gums and tongue will be black and swollen, you will have a weak body and eventually it will lead to death
So take care of the food, cook!
What is it?
Mutiny is when I face rebels and that want to kill me and take over the ship.
What do you do?
You become rebellious and disobedient, you refuse to obey orders
What is a solution?
I, the captain will always take responsibility in taking care of my crew, another solution is that you obey orders and feel free to ask me for clothes, food and etc.
So always obey my orders and I will take care of you.
Read through this guide carefully and you will be alright throughout the journey and we will successfully reach MALAYSIA