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I Love God and My Neighbor


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I love God and my Neighbor
by Kathniss Grace
I show my love for God by praying before sleeping and help my mom fix the bed and do also some chores and be kind to one another also I help my ate by helping do her homework too and I will say thank you when someone gives a gift to me and always say please if you need help and I will also go to the church every sunday.
I will show love for God by... taking care if his animals and taking care of his things
I show love for my neighbors by being kind to there family members or being kind to them and taking care of there pets and giving gifts away so that the people will be happy.
I show my love for my Neighbors by.. greeting them a good morning everyday and being kind to them in any way and if it's their birthday I will give them a gift and reward them cupcakes too.
the end
by Kathniss Grace

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