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Our Trip to the Bush

by Kayla Barnes


Our Trip to the Bush
By Kayla Barnes
In the middle of winter,
During so many storms,
It was time to go camping,
To escape to the warm.
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(Robins, 2022)
(Pankong, 2019)
We packed up our bags,
Dad stacked them in the car.
We were ready for the journey,
To go somewhere far.
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(Makepeace, 2020)
We drove along the road,
Watching the red dirt,
There were small trees and animals,
But it was just a big desert.
We finally got to camp,
Mum and dad put up the tent,
It was time for us to go swimming,
So off to the dam we went.
We jumped off the jetty,
We splashed and we swam.
We swung off the trees,
We danced in the dam.