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Module 3 AI: Is It Plagiarism?

by Chris Cocek


AI Module 3: Is it Plagiarism?
What do you recall from the first Two modules?
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How do you use AI?
Is it plagerism?
Record your answer to this question with text, an audio, or video response.

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Original Author
Part 1: Original Author Dilemma
Ada has a writing assignment due tomorrow, but she hasn't started writing. She heard on social media about a tool that can create an outline or even an entire paper using a simple prompt. She decides to use the tool to help her finish the assignment on time. 

She types the assignment prompt into the tool and the tool generates a five-paragraph essay. Ada reviews the essay that the tool wrote. She changes a few words throughout the paper and writes a new conclusion paragraph based on information she learned in class. Ada submits the assignment to the teacher on time.

Was it OK that Ada used this tool for the assignment?
After you write your response, share it with your group.
Original Author- Group Discussion
Look again at your original response. What had you not considered that other people brought up? Maybe you changed your mind, maybe you didn't—that's OK! Either way, you heard other views. How has your thinking shifted after hearing your classmates' perspectives, even if you haven't changed your mind?
Part 2: Complicate It!
Choose at least two of the questions to discuss in your group, and share responses. Be sure to hear all perspectives—the more perspectives, the better!
  1. What if Ada cited the tool as a resource in her assignment?
  2. What if Ada used the tool to create an outline, but then wrote the entire paper herself?
  3. What if Ada's teacher used the same tool to give students feedback on their essays?
  4. Should assistive writing (generative AI) technology be banned in schools?