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Lautaro and Thor




Javiera Venegas
Javier Zuñiga
There was once a
little boy called Lautaro.
He was very happy
with his family. They
are his mom, sister
and dad.

One day his mother had
made a cute witch hat and he invented fantastic stories.
After his mother asked his to bring some cakes to his classmates in the school at across town.

Lautaro had to go through the town to get to school, but he was a brave boy and he wasn´t afraid because always walked that way, unexpectedly Lautaro find a little puppy in front of his.
He inmediataly  took him in his arms and he showed it to his friends

The kids was in love and they called the puppy “Thor”

Lautaro took Thor home, and his friend visited every day, they are so happy and Thor too
The months passed and Thor
didn´t  stop growing

Lautaro´s mom took Thor to the vet, and his told him it was a wolf.
She was very preoccupated and told his husband, they told him that they should release the wolf.

Lautaro was agree. The
family went to the forest and left Thor.
Sad howls are heard every night.  The howls were getting louder.
Lautaro was very sad and secretly went looking for Thor

They they arrived at the house and his dad saw them

Lautaro’s dad says he won't tell his wife, because he miss too Thor.

Finally her mom knew, but but she didn't get mad

She realized that Thor wasn’t dangerous,  and Thor only wanted
family love

The family lived happily with Thor for many years and the accompaniment to Lautaro in all the important events
and they lived happily ever after...