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The Lost Boys of Sudan: Abu Hanifa

by Bryan Bui


The Lost Boys of Sudan:
Abu Hanifa
By Bryan Bui
This is so boring.
Once upon a time in a village in Sudan there was a boy named Abu. He lived in the Toposa region and he loved running, family, and soccer. Everyday after he got home from school he had to help herd the cattle. And since he was 11 he had the responsibilities to herd 3 cattle.
His brother Abdul looked at him and said, "Herding cattle is so boring. I wish we could do something else, like play soccer. "I agree." Abu replied, "But it's for the village."
It was starting to get dark so Abu and Abdul were bringing the cattle in when they suddenly got spooked by something. They were looking around when suddenly CRACK! Abdul collapsed onto the ground. Before Abu could react he heard more gunshots, ACK ACK ACK. He immediately ran inside his home just to see his family on the ground. Abu was very sad, but he knew he had to keep going or the same thing would happen to him.
The war had come to where he lived.
Abu immediately ran from his home and into the village. He saw people running everywhere but then, he saw a group of the Toposa tribe running in a specific direction so he followed them. He knew it was the Toposa tribe because of the markings on their heads. After a while they were now a huge group of people from many different tribes. Abu asked one of the Toposa, “Where are we going?” “I don’t know.” replied the stranger. He pointed at someone and told Abu, “Ask him, I'm sure he will know.”
Abu ran to the person who seemed to be the group leader by the way everyone was following him. Abu asked, “Where are we going?” “Kenya.” He replied. “Why Kenya?” Abu asked. “Kenya is the closest country to our village and one of the safest.” He replied. “Ok bye.” Abu replied. After a few hours they were in a forest and everyone was exhausted so they found a place to rest.
The next morning they woke up and started their journey again. But it wasn’t long before they heard, BOOOM! A rebel plane dropped a bomb on a nearby group of lost boys. When Abu looked up the plane was coming straight towards them. “GET DOWN!” Screamed the group leader, when suddenly, WOOOSH, followed by clanking and sand all over the place. When the sand cleared everyone saw it. It was a bomb. “Everyone! Into the ditch!” The group leader instructed.