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An almost crumbling Christmas

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An almost crumbling Christmas
Georgie was Santa Claus' chief elf. A week before Christmas day, he was checking all the letters so that each and every child would get presents. On the letters he saw that the children wrote with no illusion. And there was one that caught his attention in which said the following:
"Dear Santa, this year I know that you are going to come again like every year and it will make me even more bored, so I ask you not to make too much noise when entering, because I prefer to sleep before opening one of your very absurd gifts. Bring me whatever you want. It will totally go to the trash. "
Georgie was so alarmed that he ran to show it to Santa Claus. When Santa read it, he pulled a key from the bottom of his beard that opened a secret room where there was a giant map and very few lights flashing on it.
Georgie, seeing Santa's unhappiness, decided to write all the children a letter from Santa in which he supposedly said that if they did not believe in him, he would stop distributing gifts all over the world.
Santa got very sad and Georgie asked what was bothering him. Santa told him that those lights were the children in the world who believed in him. And he was feeling really sad for a few days.
A week before Christmas, Santa had lost the magic of Christmas and had not started preparing the gifts. Georgie, very stressed about not arriving on time for Christmas day, invited Santa to the secret room, because he thought that all the lights would be lit, but...

Upon entering and only seeing a light on, Santa began to cry, and Georgie, not giving up, found a way to travel to a house near Central Park where a boy named Jughead Jones lived. He was the only one who continued to believe in Santa Claus.
When Georgie got to Jughead's house, he introduced himself and told him what had happened. Jughead couldn't believe it, and filled with great happiness, he decided to help them give the illusion of Christmas back to Santa.

The next day, when Jughead returned from high school, he discovered that there was an evil being named Tim who was deceiving all the children of the world about things that Santa Claus had said, but that he had actually made up.

Georgie thanked him and promised him double Christmas reward, and with a single thought and a single click on his watch, he got back to the North Pole.
Georgie told Santa everything, and suddenly, he got up from his seat and walked quickly and grumpily to the forbidden room. It is called like that because in that room you can change the thoughts of all the children in the world while they sleep.

And so did Santa: while they slept, he made all the bad rumors about him disappear so that they would believe in him again.