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A different Christmas

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A different Christmas
Every year, the Copper family invited their neighbors, Mrs. and Mr. Book, to have dinner on Christmas Eve, because they were very old and had no family.
This year, because of the coronavirus, the Copper family decided, very sorry, not to invite them for their health.
They were very sad to learn that they had to spend Christmas alone. At the same time, the Copper felt bad about leaving them alone but knew it was for their good.
Finally Christmas Eve arrived and everyone felt like it was a different Christmas. Suddenly, an idea came to Romme Copper's head. She was thinking of bringing them a portion of dinner so that they could feel somehow together. She told the rest of the family and at nine o'clock at night she brought them the portion.
The elders thanked them for their humility and generosity but just as they left, something happened at the elders' home. They were speechless, Santa Claus was in their living room!
Gaping, they asked him what he was doing at their house and said that it was a great honor for them to have him there.
Santa told them that he had come to encourage them in these difficult times for the world and that tonight they would not be alone because he would have dinner with them.
The elders offered him a chair and then they spent the night having dinner together.
When they finished, Santa Claus said goodbye but first took out a gift box. The spectating elders asked him what it was and when Santa opened the box they realized it was a puppy!
-While I was distributing the gifts I found this poor little dog on the street and I wanted to bring him so that you will never ever be alone or lose your illusion.- Santa said
They, enthusiastic, thanked him and instantly he left, leaving a trail of powerful and golden light.
The Copper family decided to go and see them when they saw the magnificent light that filtered through the Books' door .
Still unable to believe it, the elders explained everything and the two families had a different Christmas.