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My Hearing Doesn't Define Me

by Erica Glover


My Hearing Doesn't Define Me

Author & Narrator: Erica Glover
Hello! My name is Ana! Nice to meet you!
I'm in 4th grade, in Mrs. Johnson's class.
I wear hearing aids.
Do you know what those are?
I have trouble hearing sounds at a certain frequency level.
I can't hear low talking. It sounds like whispers to me.
My hearing aids are an instrument that I wear in my ears to help me hear better.
All of my friends think it's really cool!
There are a lot of reasons why kids like me are hard of hearing.
We could be sick, taking some medicines, or our physical flaws.
Sometimes when I'm with my friends, I talk really loudly.
I can't hear myself speaking without my hearing aids.
I have a hard time getting directions or responding to questions.
I have earaches all the time! It's so painful!
When my teacher is talking to me, I always turn my ear to her.
My speech is not the best, but that's okay! That's why I take speech therapy! I'll get better soon!
Click the video to see me getting my hearing aids for the first time!
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