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by Veasna Pheng


North Korea.
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Introduction of North Korea
Korea has shared the area which is North and South, North Korea is a secret and isolated country from the world. North Korea is located in East Asia It borders three countries: China along the Amnok River, Russia along the Tumen River, and South Korea to the south.

North Korea is a developing country with a nuclear weapons it was over 100. North Korea didn't listen to other countries, control change and build its own country, not rely on others, use its own brains, believe in its own strength, trust itself, fix its own problems.
Although the population of people that live in North Korea the poverty is 60 percent which is not good. People in North Korea are doing farming because they need to support their lives and children. However it including between the situation of Covid in North Korea also increasing, People can't go outside go sell something for people. The other reason it could be the economic is going down because North Korea the first countries that shut down the border after they got the announced of the corona virus so people cannot get much money from their own business.
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North Korea and people living in that country were believing Kim Jung Un, which means Juche. North Korea is a quiet country because controlling change their country, fix their problem not listen to the other country use their own brain, and don't need help from other countries.
There are three important of Juchea parts:
Chaju: means that a government cannot work together with other governments, the government cannot get help from other countries.
Charip: mean We must not ask for help from others. We must make an economy that helps people in North Korea. We must make our economy using the things we have in North Korea ”
Chawla: North Korea must protect the country. Kim Il Sung said, “We do not want war”. “ We are not afraid of war.” “We will not beg for peace from our enemies”. Some countries think this idea is very violent.
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Human rights in North Korea are too hard for them. People who go on vacation in North Korea can't take their phones because it was policy and security probably get scared that people will be taking bad videos or opinions on their country which is there's no internet. All people cannot be laughing to the leader. which is people were covered by the government and people need to listen to Kim Jung Un.

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