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Part One

by Patricia Ciobanu


Jane Eyre, Part I: ,,Childhood.''
Jane Eyre was living with her aunt, Mrs. Reed, because her parents were dead. Her older cousins teased Jane and were very cruel. One day her cousin, John, threw a heavy book straight at Jane and hit she on the head. John began to hit Jane again and again, but Jane hit him back. His mother hurried into the room when John called she and Mrs. Reed told two servants to take Jane to the red room and to lock the door. In the red room she fainted. When Jane woke up, she complained about how unhappy she was. The doctor spoke with Mrs. Reed and few days later, Jane left her aunt's house to go to school.
1. What happened in Part One? For each question, mark the letter next to the correct answer - A, B, C or D.
1. Why did Jane Eyre live with Mrs. Reed?
C) Because her parents were dead.
2. What were the names of Jane's cousins?
B) John, Eliza and Georgiana.
3. Why was Jane unhappy?
C) Because Mrs. Reed and her children were cruel to her.
4. What did John Reed do to Jane?
D) He hit her.
5. Why was Jane so frightened in the Red Room?
A) It was cold and dark.
6. The doctor asked Jane two questions. What were they?
D) Are you sad? Would you like to go to school?
2. Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space. For each question, mark the letter next to the correct word -A, B, C or D.
Dear Emily,
I am writing to (A) say you that I am very unhappy. I do not like (D) to live here with Mrs. Reed and (A) her children. Mrs. Reed, (C) who is my aunt, does not like me, and her children are often cruel to me. Here is what (B) happened yesterday.
I was reading quietly in the library (A) when my cousin, John, hit me (B) until my head started to (A) blood Mrs. Reed did not care that I was hurt. She (C) locked me in a cold, dark room. No (D) one came near me all night.
I hope that I will leave here soon.
Love from Jane.
3. Jane liked books. Look at the books on the library shelf. Each book titles is an anagram of an adjective. Find the correct adjective to fill the gaps in the following sentences.
a. Mrs. Reed was very rich.
b. Her house was large and beautiful.
c. My cousins were sometimes cruel to me.
d. John grinned unpleasantly when he saw me.
e. ''You wicked and cruel boy!" I shouted.
f. The Red Room was cold and dark.
4. The sentences below all contain an error. Sometimes the words are in the wrong order, sometimes a word is incorrect and sometimes a word is missing. Try an correct the sentences.
a. Where is Jane Eyre?
b. Here she is.
c. What do you want?
d. Now go and stand by the door.
e. You wicked and cruel boy!
f. Jane Eyre, you are a bad girl!
g. Take her to the red room and lock the door.
h. Please help me! Don't leave me here alone!
i. You are ill, Jane. The servant says that you have cried a lot.
5. Find and underline the following words in Part One. Then write [d], [t] or [Id] next to the word.
You can check your answers by listening to the beginning of Part One again.
a. Teased [d]; h. grinned [t];
b. Wanted [Id]; i. asked [t];
c. Liked [d]; j. stared [d];
d. Decided [Id]; k. picked [t];
e. Shouted [Id]; l. lifted [d];
f. Hoped [t]; m. realised [d];
g. Called [t]; n. tried [d].
6. Discuss the following questions with a partner. Compare your answers with the rest of the class.
a. Why do you think Mrs. Reed is cruel to Jane?
I think Mrs. Reed is cruel to Jane because Jane isn't her daughter and she don't like her.
b. What do we learn about the Reeds from their behavior towards Jane?
The Reeds don't like Jane and they tease her.
c. Mrs. Reed thinks that Jane is a "wicked girl". Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer.
I don't agree with Mrs. Reed because when the Reeds children teased Jane, hit her and were cruel with her, Jane supported their behavior. Jane never behaved badly and was doing what she was told.
d. What does the doctor think about Jane and her life with the Reed family?
I think the doctor feels sorry for Jane and wants to help her to leave the Reed family.
1. Mike teased his colleague because he is short.
2. Sam was cruel with her brother when she didn't give him chocolates.
3. The boss frightened she very much when she put forward her idea.
4. My brother is very clever
5. The boys grinned when he fell.
6. Tom stared at she for a long time because he loves she.