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A Better Place For Ivan

by Sheila Castellon Marroquin

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Sheila Castellon
Ivan was a baby gorilla with a pretty good life. His dad was a silverback. Silverbacks are the leaders of a troop.
Ivan's sister's name was Tag. Ivan and Tag would play tag together. Ivan's real name was Mud because he loved to play and paint with mud.
One terrible day, some poachers came and took Ivan and shipped him to America. They sold him to a guy named Mack who took care of Ivan for 27 years. Ivan never got to go outside. People all over the world came to visit him.
Ivan was taken to a mall and had his own cage and stayed there for his whole life. Then Ivan started to paint and color and draw. Mack sold his drawings and everyone wanted a drawing from Ivan. Ivan made lots and lots of drawing and paintings.
One day, people got mad about a lonely gorilla in a cage, and they made signs that said "LET IVAN BE FREE" and "IVAN SHOULD BE IN A ZOO." Mack thought about it and let Ivan go and he got to be free in a zoo. Now Ivan gets to be free and saw the first flower in 27 years.
Ivan was in an Atlanta zoo, and now there is a statue of him there. People go there to look at it and they remember Ivan from when he was happy.
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