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The Simpsons Fan Quiz

by Alicia Smith


The Simpsons Fan Quiz
Through out this reading students will learn some key facts, as well as some funny, and or interesting ideas from the show. The end goal is to answer 5 questions at the end.

Pay attention because you cannot be too sure what a question will be on.
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The goal of the quiz is to see how quickly students are able to obtain information* and process it to receive the correct answer.

*Student can take written notes to be able to use during the quiz
-The first episode that debuted on FOX is was titled 'Simpsons roasting on an open fire'
-The Simpsons fist debuted as a half-hour sitcom on December 17, 1989, they are currently on season 34.
-The main characters are the Simpsons family. It consist of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie.
More about the family
Homer: He has a half brother named Herbert Powell
- His Birthday is May 12th
- He's died 22 times on the show
-He works as a Safety Inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
Marge: Her real name is Marjorie
-She has twin sisters named Patty and Selma
-She sent a painting to Ringo Star
-She was featured on the cover of Playboy in 2009
Bart: He is the only son to Homer and Marge
- He is left handed
- He has his own line of comics that started in the 2000's
-Once got a tattoo, but it was not done and read the word MOTH
Lisa: she was one of the first Vegetarians on Prime time TV
-She plays the Baritone Saxophone
- Shes the only Simpson child to appear in EVERY episode
-She is the most popular Simpson in Japan
Maggie: She is the least seen and heard main character within the show
-She is always sucking on her pacifier
-Her middle name is Lenny
Facts about the Show
-There have been a total of 457 characters created for the tv show.

-There have been 953 guest stars on the show.
-The Simpsons have won 34 primetime Emmys, that is the most amount for any animated Tv series!

-They hold the Guinness Book of world record for Longest- Running Animated Sitcom
- All of the characters have 4 fingers, except God.
there is no reason for the fingers, besides they are easy to draw
-When Maggie is scanned within the grocery store the "price" is the average to raise a baby.
Season 4 Surprise GIF by The Simpsons
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The length for the opening credits specifically the Couch gag is longer or shorter depending on the shows running time. ex. shorter episode idea longer = couch gag