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The journey to the south

by José Emilio Ariza Mena

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The Journey to the south
By José Emilio (not real btw)
Chapter :
1 The box

There was a young boy in London called Joseph.He was walking down the streets when he saw an old man. Joseph ran to the old man and the man asked “can you deliver this box to my son? he lives in Egypt please do not open it”. Joseph turned around but the old man wasn’t there. Joseph ran to his friend Edd, and Joseph said “we are going to Egypt! Edd said “ok but let’s get the others”.
The team
”Ok,Edd.Who are we going get for the expedition first? Jonathan, he has a boat.And Elizabeth, she cooks the best foods and her best friend Mindi, she is kinda of a doctor, and my dog.” Said Joseph Edd said “What?” “Nothing.” Joseph said. And so they got the others and set sail. But a storm came, and they decided to go on foot all the way. Joseph said “Are we there yet?” Until, Jonathan had enough and they stopped in Spain to rest in a hotel. They all went to sleep, but something unexpected was about to happen.
Chapter 2
Back story

Joseph and Edd had always been the best of friends. If anyone got hurt it was a very bad thing. So they made an oath. If any of them would get lost or hurt the other would try and find the one who got lost, and take care of the one who got hurt.
Back to the story. Joseph said “ Edd wasn’t ready to go. That was dumb“. Edd was mad. He said “humbug Joseph you are dumb, immature humbug.” Joseph gasped in disgust. He said “Oh yeah? You just runaway all the time!” Edd said “Fine.” And he got the box and ran off. Joseph calmed down and felt sorry. Jonathan said let’s use my boat to carry the box.”
Where is Edd?

Edd ran off, but, was sorry, and angry, but he did not come back. Joseph ran to Edd, but when he checked Edd was not there. The only thing was the box. Edd wasn’t there. Joseph asked the people, until one said “the boy vanished “ and a voice said “down in Egypt” or was it India or Nápoles . Joseph got the crew and they set off.
Chapter 3
They set off to India, they searched there but Edd was nowhere to be found. Joseph was determined to find his friend and was not giving up, he shared with the group ”they may take my food.They may take my house. But they will not get away with taking my friend".
…inside the Box
Well yes. Edd wasn’t anywhere to be found. what no one knew was that he was actually in the box. Edd tried getting out, but nothing happened, he tried everything but nothing happened. He gave up, but hearing Joseph’s speech, he realized his friend cared for him. He tried to talk to Joseph, but Joseph did not hear Edd. Edd was having trouble leaving the box, until an old man was in the box with him too.He had brought some food with him. Edd was confused, it looked as if the man had prepared for this.
Chapter 4
So Joseph and the rest went on their way carrying the box. India wasn’t safe. In their way out, something or someone stole their food supply. They ran all around India to find him. Jonathan had gotten the food, and some bad news were informed to the rest of the group. He said “Sorry Joseph let’s just admit it and go. Edd is gone”.