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Long Tailed Weasels

by Lilium C.



Long tailed weasel by Lily
I,m also called  
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mustela frenata
The summer coat of a long tailed weasel color is a rich cinnamon brown on the upper parts and usually orangish or buffy on the under parts . The feet are brown in the summertime . The tail is half as long as the body , and the terminal quarter is black . the winter coat is entirely white , except or the black tail tip and sometimes an orangish wash on the belly . As in all weasels the body is long and slender the forelegs appear to be positioned well back on the body and the head is hardly wider than the neck .
Facts about a long tailed weasels !
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Did you know a long tailed weasel can hunt two times the size of itself.
From the wild the Long tailed weasels will eat Wood rats , ground squirrels , voles ,white footed mice , eastern cotton tail , cliff chipmunks , red squirrels, shrews , American yellow warblers , and a long tailed weasel will take eggs and young of ground nesting birds if it encounters them.
from the store you can get eggs for a long tailed weasel .
From a hunter they can get eastern cotton tail , shrews , wood rats , and ground squirrels .
Don,t  get me only the food.
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If a hunter encounters ground nesting birds take some eggs or just one young for the long tailed weasels .
The long tailed weasel has some predators like the red fox, gray fox, great horned owls, northern goshawk ,and coyotes .