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Furman v. Georgia

by Adrian Castillo & Rodrigo


Furman V georgia
BY: Adrian Castillo, Rodrigo Dias
Page 1: Introductory page
Page 2: Introductory page (part 2)
Page 3 : Anyzalation
Page 4: Obituary
Page 5 : Impact page
page 6 : Supreme court case
Introductory page
Judicial Review gives the court partly power of both executive and legislative branches (laws, ect), and is part of any court in America. Judicial review determines if components of the government are in accordance with the constitution. Any action that conflicts with the constitution is declared unconstitutional and therefore nullified. Judicial review is important because it gives the court and a say in many parts of both the executive and legislative branches, which gives courts a lot of power to uphold laws, it also limits the laws the president can make. Although it seems like the Judicial review is powerful, There were some leaders that released laws to give them more power and tweak the limits of judicial review, which left the judicial review with less power because they lost a lot of control of laws and both other branches. Federalism is a system of government in which the same land/country is controlled by two levels of government. Generally, a stronger national government is responsible for broader governance of larger territorial areas, laws, currency, and overall more important topics, while the other form of government, states, govern the issues of local concern, and some laws. Each government has different powers and controls, federalism is what marks the line between both governments. It is important because it is crucial in upholding the law and marking the powers of each government like the laws they can make.
Introductory Page (Part 2)
The significance of the constitution and bill of rights are freedom of speech, press, and religion for people. It sets rules for due process of law and reserves all powers not delegated to the Federal Government but also to the people or the States, it also forms laws in place that everyone has to follow and it limits what the government and people are allowed to do and what they can also do. If it werenẗ for them, there would be little rights for the people and it would be harder to run the government. Basically the constitution and bill of rights help establish law and order in our country.
One night during 1976, burglar William Henry Furman was robbing a house until the homeowner was alerted because of the sound he was making. Furman tried bolting out of the house but he tripped which made his gun fire at the owner. In court Furman gave two different accounts about what happened, in one he fired blindly while falling and in one he tripped which caused the gun to go of, the jury where given two options, to give furman life in jail or death, the jury decided to sentence him to death after only one day, even though the kill was by accident and Furman had pleaded multiple times for insanity. Furman's lawyer pleaded a violation of the 8th amendment of cruel or unusual punishment, yes furman killed a person but the court should not be able to take his life for an accidental kill. Ferman wrote to the supreme court for a violation for his 8th amendment rights and got a case , adding to the situation Ferman should get the chance to maybe recover his mental problems in jail.
Obituary Page
Our beloved eighth amendment died. his best friend was put to death unfairly by a court, and he couldn't stop it. He died in 1976 and was born in 1791. He died at the massive age of 188 years. He was a special man, and worked at the local bank where he was loved. He loved his two boys and wife and cared for the people around him, he was a strong man and was pretty athletic but when his best friend accidentally murdered a robber he was put to death unfairly, and our beloved eighth amendment couldn't take it and entered a state of depression.