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Finding Fun With Drawing

by Julian H


Finding fun with drawing!
Pg 3 Paul Blort drawing
Pg 4 Paul Blort description
Pg 5 Nerd emoji
Pg 6 Nerd emoji description
Pg 7 banana
Pg 8 Banana description
Pg 9 Gary’s nuts logo
Pg 10 Gary’s nuts logo description
Pg 11 About me
Paul blort:
When I first started this drawing I thought it would be impossible to create my own robot using 3d shapes but now that I’ve finished it I realize that it isn’t really that hard. The hardest part of this was coming up with the idea, at the beginning I tried it something black and white then I added a green and red eye to simbolize that he could either be good or evil. But later I thought that it didn’t really connect so I made him a security guard which ended up working so I kept it. I really struggled with the legs so I just added wheels which I thought of thanks to some inspiration from another classmates work.
Nerd emoji:
Choosing this emoji was a no brainer because it is the one I use the most and I honestly find it kinda funny. Drawing this wasn’t that hard because I didn’t have to come up with it myself so making this wasn’t that hard. This is my favourite one because I think it looks the best and I think it actually does a good job of representing this emoji. For next time I should probably add more shading because at the time I wasn’t too sure of how to do that.