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Matteas Life book

by Mattea Johnson


The Magic in My Day!
I always start my day the same way. Brush my teeth which is a psychical change. I then take a shower which is a Chemical change because the water hits my skin.
After taking a shower I unfold the clothes I had laid out, to start my day, This is a chemical change. Most days I braid my hair which is a physical change because it's only changing the look.
I always make sure to put on mascara and blush in the morning, which is a physical change. Sometimes before I even make an eggs and bacon which is a chemical change.
As soon as i arrive at school before i go to class i have to take my medicine. Taking the medicine isn't a chemical change but the chain of chemical change they are formed by is. One morning in advisement i was finishing an algebra paper, and accidentally ripped it. This is a physical change.
Throughout the day the heat will change. The heat changing is a chemical change. Sometimes i may crumble a piece of paper or and object if i get mad, this is a physical change.