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Food Waste

by Aishling and Harry


Food Waste
By Harry and Aishling
Senior Pupils, Ballintleva National School
  • Irelands Food Waste
  • Food Waste And You!
  • Where Does Our Food Waste Go?
  • Brown Bins Are So Important
  • The Country With The Least Food Waste
  • Food Waste Hero Emmanuel Macron!
  • Does 10 Years Make A Difference?
  • What Celebs Are Wasting Food?
  • Who Is Wasting Food?
  • Global Goals And Food Waste
  • Top 5 Recipes To Use Up Leftovers
  • Video
  • What Are We Doing?
  • What Can We Do?

Ireland's food waste
You and I can change these statistics.
We can make a difference!

Food Waste and You!

There is more than enough food to go around to everyone however, this food is not shared amongst all.

1/3 of food in Ireland gets thrown out. 
Costing families €1,000 
per year
3.1 million children die annually from starvation.
Therefore, a child dies every 10 seconds.
can provide food for
1 week!
This can be avoided if we all make a conscious effort.
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Where Does Our Food Waste Go?
Most of our food can decompose in soil
eg; apples, bananas or other fruits
Some foods cannot decompose
eg; fish, meat, dairy products, baked/fatty foods
Some foods can take up to/over 6 months to decompose
eg; Oranges, pumpkins.

In 2024, It will be compulsary for all properties to have a brown food waste bin whereas before brown bins were mostly available to businesses, towns or cities.