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Farming in Sidney, Maine

by Isaac P.




By Isaac P.
Sidney is a Good Place to Farm

Farming was a big and important business in Sidney. Farming was the most common job because the soil was great for farming. We used horses and oxen for physical farm power. We were still using them in 1900.

We had more dairy farms in the 1900s. We also had apples and sheep. We might have sent the sheep wool to Oakland because the Cascade Woolen Mill was there in the late 1800s and later.

When the wool got to Oakland, the wool would get turned into thread to be woven into cloth, which would be sewn into clothes you wear. Wool is used for soft blankets and the cloth part of hats, as well.

We also produced corn and grain in Sidney. Grist mills and Saw mills processed grains and trees into flour and boards. We got our money from taking our produce and wool to various markets including Oakland and Augusta. We had a wide variety of wildlife, fish, and crops. There even once was a cow in Sidney who produced 9, 970 pounds of milk and 550 pounds of butterfat in 305 days.

We traded for money and food. In the 1600s and 1700s Fort Western in Augusta is where we traded with local native Americans and the locals of Augusta in the early days of the community.

Horses were used for gathering hay, wheat and corn. In the winter time they pulled a big roller that flattened the snow, making it easier for horse drawn sleighs to glide across the snow. The flattened snow was packed down so hard it was like an asphalt road.

Farming is still important in Sidney today even though there aren't as many farms as there used to be. Drive through Sidney and you will still see many farms.

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This is my logo for the town of Sidney. It shows the Kennebec River, which borders the town between Sidney and Vassalboro, Messalonskee Lake, an apple tree because they were important, and a cow to represent dairy farming.
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