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Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology
The St. Petersburg Practical Technological Institute was founded on November 28 (December 10), 1828 by decree of Emperor Nicholas I.
The Institute was a closed educational institution, with a total of 132 state-funded pupils, but it was allowed to accept paid pensioners. Future specialists "for the management of factories or individual parts thereof" were exempt from tuition fees.
Higher technical education was then divided into only two departments: mechanical and chemical. 
Unique departments were created at the Technological Institute: the first in the country departments of "Plastics Technology" (1929), "Glass Technology" (1930), "Synthetic Rubber" (1931). The Institute carried out unique developments on art glass, coatings for spacecraft portholes; developed the technology of the first Soviet aluminum (1929); received the first blocks of laboratory and industrial synthetic rubber; developments for medical
The Institute of Technology is located in St. Petersburg, at the corner of Zagorodny Ave., 49 and Moskovsky Ave., 26. It is one of the most beautiful in the city. The architects of the main building were A. I. Postnikov, E. H. Anert. By 1834, the construction of the "Mountain House" was completed.
Initially, the construction of special buildings was started, and by August 1831 the three-storey main building, residential buildings and some workshops were ready.

In 1853, the first Chemical Laboratory was built on the territory of the Institute, designed by architect F.F. Beckman. Later, famous scientists D. I. Mendeleev and F. F. Beilstein worked in it. At the moment, the Departments of General Physics and SAPRiU are located in this building. At the same time, a foundry, a residential wooden house, sheds and a shed also designed by Beckman F.F. are being built.
Interesting facts about university
The decorative glass used in the design of the Avtovo metro station in St. Petersburg was made at the first glass department in the country at the Leningrad Institute of Technology.

In the record of the Euler number, the year of the foundation of the Institute of Technology (1828) is repeated twice to the ninth digit: e = 2,718281828

Cup and saucer "150 years of the Technological Institute named after Lensoveta". USSR, LFZ (EL-EF-ZE), 1978 (height 7.5 cm, cup diameter 6.7 cm, saucer diameter 12 cm), the price and the brand "VNEGR LFZ" are indicated on the bottom of the cup, the brand "LFZ" is on the bottom.

On the night of May 30, the main building of the Technological Institute of St. Petersburg caught fire. A large fire was extinguished for more than three hours. The flames destroyed 800 meters of the roof, including the symbol of the institute - the famous dome. The attic and the upper floor of the building, which is an architectural monument, were also damaged by the fire

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