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The Guardian of Spiderlilies: A Tale of Beauty and Inspiration.

by Janice Chen


Janice Chen
In a distant land, there exists a unique type of spider lily, regarded as a sacred flower, growing in a mysterious garden.
Every autumn, this garden would burst into bloom with the exquisite spider lilies, their petals ablaze with a fiery red, radiating a dazzling brilliance during the nighttime. However, the bloom of these flowers was exceedingly fleeting, lasting only for one night.
The villagers in the village all yearned to witness the beauty of these flowers, but only a fortunate few could behold them with their own eyes each year.
One day, a young girl named Lillian made a solemn vow to become the guardian of this garden so that she could also admire the daylilies' beauty in the daylight.
Lillian was dismayed to witness the withering of the spider lilies at every dawn. This forced her to search for the flower deity urgently.