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by Michele Merkel


Cancun Mexico Making Memories
This seashell takes me back to Cancun Mexico. Where the waves were crashing into the stillness of the back night.
I have a fond memory of my oldest daughter getting proposed to on the beautiful, bountiful beach.
The day was super hot, we were as hot as a piece of burnt crispy toast. We had as a family decided to sign up for group pictures, all of us knew what the "real purpose" of the pictures were except for Addison.
Addison was the one that complained the most about having to dress up and stand outside in the hot blistering sun for the pictures but in the end after the day was all said and done she ended up being the most please with the decision to take family pictures.
We were on our last photo shoot when the photographer was pairing us up into couples. My husband I had taken our photos.