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Jenna Hollomon Ebook

by Jenna Hollomon


Jenna Hollomon
One word to describe myself is adventurous. I enjoy going on trips with my family and friends! I love going to the beach, the lake, or anywhere where there is water! I enjoy being outdoors no matter what season it is!
Being adventurous as a teacher is a great characteristic to have! It is important because sometimes I will have to take risks and try new things in the classroom and with my students in order for everyone to be successful!
Another word to describe myself is joyful! I try really hard to see the positive sides of things no matter what and I think that is a really good way to look at life!
This trait will help me in my teaching career because students need to feel welcomed into my classroom! Being joyful will help them feel comfortable and be excited to be there!
Being kind will influence my career in a positive way by allowing students to see me as someone they can always count on if they need a compliment or a hug! Being kind to students does way more than people think because you might be the only one that is kind to them.
Being trustworthy is a very important characteristic trait. I take it very seriously and I take pride in how well I am trusted by my family and friends. Being trustworthy as a teacher is very important too because students need to know that they can trust me with anything and trust that I will be there for them for anything!
I am very appreciative when it comes to thinking about my life! I am grateful to have people and things to be appreciative of. Being an appreciative teacher means that I appreciate my students, my coworkers, my school, etc. This will benefit me by allowing me to be aware of what I have around me and what opportunities that I have been given!