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by Adrián LM


Name: Adrián Lata
Course : 3 "D2"
High School: Unidad Educativa Tecnico Salesiano
Topic: Writing Product Review
Writing Plan
Writing Plan
I bought the AC-6 which are headphones that cost 25 dollars. The design is striking for its red color, which has on the sides a very soft material for the head, which makes it very comfortable. It has 3 buttons to increase or decrease the volume and the third one is to turn off and turn on the bluetooth mode. It has a 3.5mm jack to connect to the ports. It has a 5 hour battery life via bluetooth. It has a great style.
Its quality is very, very good. For the materials that it is made. It listens very well and has good materials. The only problem is that they are too small for my head. When you put the headphones on your head, it feels tight and after a while, it hurts your head.But when you get used to it, you don't feel it anymore. For the price this product is very good.

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