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Nej Not so Negative ...
I always loved graphical art and taking photos. But I’m not good at sketching or painting. I have a more kind of minimalistic visual wordarty approach - creating patterns / visual art - I call myself a bARdisT. With my art I try to find the (hidden) patterns, to combine my different artfields i.e. photos, Visual Poetry / Experimental Pattern Poetry with NanoBooks. But also Re:fleXion - to be a Firestarter and Nudge other people go Creative and making Art of their own.

At 13 April 2015 (for the record: the greatest nonreligious feast I’ve ever created - I’ve been sending 13 AprilCards since 1990-ish - some later 13 AprilCards can be seen here ( ) I released the small green Book of #Nej! af - a 13 copies, A6-size signed & numbered edition. Later this book also was printed in 1 framed A1 version. 13 April 2022 I minted my genesis, i.e. my first, NFT that was a NanoBook version of #NEJ! - the first nftNanoBook in the history of man. A NanoBook is a qr-code that is the book - scan it & read it. I thought…
This is the thing: I got an Android phone with a qr-scanner. Here everything works. But after a while a friend of mine scanned the qr with an iPhone. And… yeah that don’t went well. iPhone just recognize a few QR meta tags, and that don’t envolve the <text> tag. I've struggled a lot with this <meta> tag problem. Thought I had come up with a solution with the 2nd NanoBook ( Nej! - ntfNanoBook 2.0, owned by The NFT Magazine ), but that just trigger the search app on iPhone. Both 1.0 & 2.0 can be found here

But at the time for the celebration of the Queen of Light, Sankta Lucia, in 2022 I’ve found a solution, and with NanoBook 3.x I believe everything will work as I wanted! So here I give You the Extended Version of QloudR: nftNanoBook 3.x - now the NanoBooks are embedded in photos & DALL•E² images.
Welcome to the World of Nej af LennArrrt !