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Student Guide to DALC's Approach to Quality Assurance


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The Dublin Adult Learning Centre is committed to providing high quality programmes and courses for our students. We have a Quality Assurance Manual which lays out the way we go about doing that. It is laid out in 11 sections. 

This is a brief, student friendly version of the Quality Assurance Manual. If you want more detail, you can speak to your tutor or to any member of staff who will guide you through the manual.
Section 1: Governance and Management of Quality

This section deals with how we at DALC make sure that we have proper structures in place to make sure that the Centre is run properly. 
This includes:

1. The structure of the organisation. This is shown on an organisational chart.

2. Who makes the decisions?

3. Who develops programmes?

4. Who assesses students?

5. Who is responsible for managing the finances?

6. Who is responsible for making sure the management works within the law?

7. What does DALC do to check these are done?