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Steven Rivas 1D2

by Steven Rivas


The jaguar and its wild extinction
Steven Antonio Rivas Barbecho
Mecatrónica 1"D2"
Unidad Educativa Técnico Salesiano
The jaguar is the largest feline that inhabits the continent.
The mottled pattern that it presents in its fur helps it to camouflage itself while it marries the jaguar
Both his sight and hearing are highly developed
Jaguars naturally inhabit our country in: Cordillera Chongón-Colonche, Chocó due to its humid and tropical forests
Jaguars can feed on: birds, fish, deer, primates, alligators, peccaries and snakes, etc.

The excessive hunting these animals.
The extinction of the jaguar is due to:
The excessive hunting these animals.
Excessive forest clearing
Trade your skin and various parts
What I should do to stop the extinction of the jaguar is to influence people to protect the Jaguar.
And finally, I would try to make people aware of not consuming or buying anything that comes from jaguars or from any endangered species.
It should expand the territory for the protection of jaguas, that way not only would they have more protection for them, but also more jobs would be generated in the country.