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by Amanda Hoffman


Hoffman Monthly
Monday 1st January 2021
Wild weather takes classroom by storm
Many different ways to add
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We have been learning about weather and climate in science over the past several weeks. We have tracked temperatures outside our classroom over the past month and we have noticed that it has gotten much colder. We used a thermometer, which is one of the weather tools we have learned about.

We have also learned about weather vanes, rain gauges, and anemometers. It hasn't been really windy, just really cold. We have had 2 inches of rain in the past month.

We have also learned about weather and climate from all over the world. We have students in our class from Ukraine and Mexico, and we check the weather of the capital cities in those countries and compare them to our weather here in North Carolina.

Our favorite unit has been on extreme weather. We have learned about tornadoes, hurricanes, and lightning storms. We can classify each type of weather that might occur during one of these storms as well as explain how they happen and where they are most likely to happen. We know that hurricanes start in the ocean and tornadoes often happen in a place called "tornado valley".

We have liked learning about weather and we are going to learn next about how weather can impact animal habitats.
Caption Temperatures have dropped drastically over the past several weeks.
Words by Mrs. Hoffman's 2nd grade

Who knew there were so many different ways to add two numbers together! We have learned so many tools and strategies to help us with addition.

We started out using a ten's frame to help us add and then we decided to use the number line. We first started at 1, but then learned how to count on. Now we are learning how to "decompose" or break apart numbers into tens and ones.

We are trying to learn how to make exchanges, and what happens when a number is larger than 10. We are going to use all of these tools and strategies with subtraction as well.

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