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My Talking and Listening Jotter

George Milliken
1. Introduction to oracy
2. activity 1
3. activity 2
On the page opposite you can see the framework for talking that we will be using. This is the skills you'll be learning and what I'll be assessing you on.

On the pages in this jotter you'll have a task. For each task you will record yourself presenting 3 times and then you will listen back to your recordings and evaluate the differences between them - this will help you develop your understanding of what sounds better when you present. There will also be a space for me to add feedback too.

Oracy Assessment Toolkit : Faculty of Education (
Oracy Assessment Presentation Task 1: Video for Year 6 Students Initial Assessment Instructions for Students

You have had some preparation time to get you thinking about the sorts of things you might say to a P6 student about what it is like to be at this school. You should have a list of headings which will help you to remember your ideas.

You will talk for 1–2 minutes and record this, either with video or sound, on Book Creator. You can practice with or without recording but you will have 3 recordings to complete this task.

Between practice and presentation: Have a think about the practice that you have just done. Think about what you did well and whether you want to do anything differently for the next recording.

PresInSI.pdf (