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B world war

by Nantia Apostolakopoulou


Rounded Rectangle
 Why diversity was the cause of murder?
They believed that everything different is lower .For this reason they had gathered in the camp the people who in their eyes were different.
Some were Roma, others Slovaks, others communists, others LGBT and others were people with special needs.
The Roma were deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau and imprisoned in a separate section of the camp. The conditions were particularly bad. Almost all Roma were executed in gas chambers, forced to work to death or succumbed to diseases.
The Jews were the main target of the Nazi genocide, the victims of the killing centers were overwhelmingly Jews. In the hundreds of concentration and forced-labor camps that did not have gas chambers.
Auschwits camp
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Australian camp
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Οne of the messages that this war gave us was to learn to love the different.

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