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Collin's Flowing Vocabulary Factory!
Key elements contained in my program?

Some key elements are going to be the different ways vocabulary is presented to students.

1. Working in groups to determine the meaning of certain words.
2. Just being able to write down words to speculate on.
3. Create a flow chart of words that could be linked to other words that the student might know.
4. The teacher could help visualize the word to the student so that they could learn it in different ways.
5. Help the student act out the word. The student might know the word, but struggle to use the word properly.
Program for Intermediate level students?

1. It is very important to keep the thinking and learning in the air by challenging them with new vocabulary they might not have heard of.
2. Again, visuals are still an effective way for a student to learn different words, and this may translate to what I was explaining in 1.
3. Start having them practice formulating phrases, or small sentences that have these new words in them.
4. Have them fill in blanks with the correct words from their word banks.
Here are 5 words that I would teach students!

1. Family: I would have them look at a picture, and have them say what is on it, and where the family is on the picture.
2. Books: I would have them point out where the books are in our classroom.
3. Baseball: I would have them watch a video and explain what the baseball is doing.
4. Feet: I would have the student say the word feet, I will than have them show me where their feet are and what the purpose of them is.
5. Numbers: Each student will be given a number, and it is the students job to know what number they have and file in a line with the number in numerical order!

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