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The Christopher Mintz-Plasse Diary

by Alejandro Ramos y Diego Hernandez

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 dear diary,
 today was a rough day. I met  the movie director and we agreed on my comedy lines in my new movie: superbad 2.
It really was funny. I do like the director’s humor, and I love to work with him, things with my girlfriend are going just great! 
I am very excited about the future, I think great things will happen.
My mom is healthy as never, and my father is plenty happy, I feel very happy about my parents relationship
Anyways see you soon dear diary!!
 Hi dear diary,
 well, things aren’t going so great, my girlfriend died, in a car crash, my dog was with my girl, my mom is in the hospital he has 3 different types of cancer, she will not survive, I got fired, I got sued, incriminated of masturbating in a seven eleven, I hope I can get out of this one goddamn
Sometimes I feel like I cannot hold it anymore.
See you when I see you diary.

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