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Trappers and Traders

by Keaton Ahrendt


Trappers Traders and Merchants the ones that built it all
Table of Contents
Chapter 1
I am going to teach you about trappers, traders and merchants, but first I need to teach you about Westward Expansion, specifically the Louisiana purchase. The Louisiana purchase happened when Napoleon was fighting a war, and he needed some money to fight the war. That is when he sold the Louisiana territory land to Thomas Jefferson.
Louisiana land
Thomas Jefferson
Once that was complete Lewis and Clark went on their expedition to explore and map out the new land. When they came back successful they created lots of maps of the west. Pioneers then decided to make trails to the west. One of these trials was called the Oregon Trail. This was the main trail that traders, trappers and merchants used to go to the west and start a new life.
Chapter 2
Now that you know about Westward Expansion I can teach you about trappers, traders and merchants and the tools they used, starting with trappers.
Trappers used many different tools to catch animals and turned their skins into hats and such other things. Some of these tools were spears, nets, ropes,cages and knives.
Traders use a little bit of both. They use things like knives, nets and cages, but they also use things like unfair scales.Some of the tools that merchants used were unfair scales and pricing tools to make the items for sale seem more expensive than they really are.
Fun fact, did you know that the unfair scales were called Indian scale because they were used when trading with the Indians. Well those are some of the tools that trappers, traders and merchants used to be successful and have a fine life.  
Indian head band