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Respiratoy system

by Benjamin Saltos


¿What is the parts of respiratiry system? Is this: Alveoli, Lungs, Trachea, Bronchi, Throat, Diaphragm.
¿What is the function of trachea?
Your trachea is a part of your respiratory system. The organs of your respiratory system bring oxygen-rich air into your lungs. They also take carbon dioxide out of your lungs. When you inhale, air travels up your nose, through your larynx, and then down your trachea.
¿What is the function of the throat?
The throat is a muscular ring-like tube that acts as the conduit for air, food, and liquids. The throat also helps in the formation of speech.
Like the nose and mouth, the throat is lined with a mucous membrane made up of cells that produce mucus and have cilia. Dust particles trapped in the mucus are carried by these cilia into the esophagus and swallowed.
What is the functios of the alveoli?
The alveoli are small air sacs and the part of the lungs where oxygen exchange takes place.
The alveoli pick up the incoming energy you breathe in and release the outgoing waste product you exhale. As it moves trough blood vessels in the alveoli walls, your blood takes the oxygen from the alveoli and gives off carbon dioxide to the alveoli.
¿What is the function of the bronchi?
These tubes, or airways, allow air to move in and out of your lungs so you can breathe. The bronchi branch into smaller tubes known as bronchioles.
Each secondary bronchus divides and gives rise to the tertiary bronchi (10 right lung, 8 left lung) and ventilate the so-called bronchopulmonary segments. The tertiary bronchi divide into 30-60 branches that will originate the bronchioles, each of which ventilates a pulmonary lobule.

Consequently, what are the divisions of the bronchi?

Once inside the lungs, the bronchi continually divide so that each branch corresponds to a defined sector of the lung. Each main bronchus divides into lobar bronchi, which are two on the left side and three on the right side, each corresponding to a lobe of the lung.
¿What is the function of lungs?
The lungs bring oxygen into the body when you breathe in and carbon dioxide out of the body when you breathe out. Carbon dioxide is a waste gas produced by the cells of the body. The process in which air is expelled is called exhalation. Breathing is a fundamental function of life.