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DDLC|Natsuki's Death

by JustNatsukko


Read Natsuki's diary first
Natsuki's death
~M.C's perspective~
"I hate you, Monika!" you say
"What? I never meant for you to hate me! I'm sorry, I'm so very sorry!"
"There's no use apologizing!" you say
"I'm gonna have to do this..."
"What? No!"
"Please don't!"
"You got rid of my friends, now I'm gonna have to get rid of you!"
"No! Please no!"
Then she was gone and the literature club was back to normal again, only this time without Monika.
Day 5 : up close and personal
MC i know you are reading this! This diary has  very personal stuff in it so please stop reading my diary! 
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~M.C.'s perspective~
You returned the diary to Natsuki a few days ago. But then she dropped it again and you picked it up to read it again.
"H-how do you know?" you asked Natsuki.
"Oh, you know . "
"But, it's too hard to explain."
You decided to just let that roll, and talk about something else.
Day 6
Baking cupcakes for my love, I stir and mix!
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