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Andrew Duvalt's Alamo Journal

by Huy Vu


Andrew Duvalt journal
By Tommy
Evening, February 20th 1836
Hi my name is Andrew Duvalt this is the start of my journal. I was preparing for the battle of Alamo, the news said Santa Ana just crossed Nueces river 2 days ago.He also read his letter out loud at the Alamo and he called us "miserable wretches" and say we can't fight! Well I know our troops is small but we're going to win for Texas!
Evening, February 24, 1836.

I feel Travis's letter is very powerful after he sends it to the Americans that he will never surrender. And Santa Ana army has arrived and 24 hours have passed and Santa Ana shot with their cannons but no man is down.Travis's letter inspire me.I will never give up and fight until the end no matter what,i will fight for Texas Independence.Nothing can change my mind!
In Washington D.C they heard that Texas is independent now! It has taken 2 days to get a copy of the Declaration to go to Alamo. I came to the Delegate and I heard them say “our political connection with the Mexican nation has forever ended!” When I heard that I felt relieved and very pleased because we have tried our hardest to fight in the Alamo. We are finally now The Republic of Texas! After so many people fought and died during the battle of the Alamo.
March 4, 1836

10:00 P.M., March 5, 1836
Santa Ana cannons are shooting at the Alamo! I need to leave Travis and my Alamo defenders.The guns are very quiet but the cannons are very loud, I need to reach my journal under my blanket before I die so people can remember me!
Dawn, March 6, 1836
So many people are screaming,shells exploding,blasting with deadly music,at the alamo. I need to reach my journal as fast as I can because I know that I'm outnumbered and I'm going to die. I need to write my journal entry or else I will be forgotten and if anyone in the future goes to the Alamo they can find my journal.
Andrew Duvalt