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The Family in the Sea

by by Maryam Alireza


The Family in the Sea
by: Maryam Alireza
Text copyright © 2022 Maryam Alireza
Illustrations: Pixabay, Clipart Library, Wikipedia

Published by: Books by Maryam Alireza

Name: Maryam Alireza
Title: The Family in the Sea

Description: Three sea animals are all best friends.
An informational picture book about friendship for young readers using science as another layer to learn about the relationship between corals and zooxanthellae.
The Family in the Sea
by: Maryam Alireza
Horsey is a loving seahorse.

He never complains or gets angry.

He lives in the Red Sea with his best friends.
Horsey loves his friends Cora and Zoe.

They always get along and have lots of fun together.

He wants to be friends with them forever.
Horsey, Zoe, and Cora live on the same coral reef.

He loves all the colors in the sea. And he loves how the water looks pretty.