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Victoria's Visual Arts Portfolio

by Victoria Blandisi


My Visual Arts Portfolio
Published by:
Victoria Blandisi
Victoria's Signature- 09/12/22
Victoria Blandisi
Table Of Contents
1. Art Links and Resources
2. 8 page Mini Cartoon Booklet
3. Basic Colour Mixing
4. Value
5. The Elements of Art
6. The Principles of Design
7. Tints and Shades
8. Tertiary Colour Wheel
9. Self Portrait- Arthur Shilling
10. Creative Process- Line and Colour
11. Assessment Rubrics
12. Water Colour Techniques
13. Print Making
14. Artist Statement
15. Readings
Session 2- September 19th
Mini Cartoon Practice Page with Graham Shaw
"Why People Believe They Can't Draw"
1. Have an open mind.
2. Have a go at it!

- Graham Shaw (2015)
Drawn with a thin black sharpie marker
Session 2- September 19th
Quick flip through of my mini booklet!
Colour used from Crayola Markers
8 self made cartoons in a mini booklet