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Lewis and Clark

by Emery Mor4649


The Unexpected Discovery: A Lewis and Clark Story
By: Emery Morrison
In 1804, President Thomas Jefferson purchased land from France in the Louisiana Purchase. This land was unexplored so Jefferson called on Meriwether Lewis to explore the west of the Mississippi River. Lewis chose William Clark as his partner for the job.
Meriwether Lewis
Thomas Jefferson
William Clark
Preparing for the Journey was difficult, they didn't know what to expect and had no idea what was to come.
During their journey they encountered harsh weather conditions, dangerous terrains, and hostile environments.
As they started their travels they had no idea what they were doing. They soon met someone to help them find their way, Sacagawea.
One night, while the explorers were setting up camp, they heard a strange noise. A howling sound had arose from the dark.
"It sounded like a monster!"
"Lewis, what was that?!"
Speech Bubble
Speech Bubble
That night as the crew tried to sleep through their terror Lewis wrote about the encounter in his journal: "Wolves were howling in different directions this evening after we had encamped, and the barking of the little prairie wolves resembled those of our Common Small Dogs..."