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All The Best Foods!

by Lauren Keys


All The Best Foods!
Next up we have some pancakes! You might like to eat them for breakfast or even on Pancake Tuesday.
Can you think of your favorite topping for pancakes? Mine is chocolate!
TA-DAAAA!! A lovely ice cream. You can get ice cream in the shop, beside the sea, at the pier and even in your freezer at home if you are lucky. What's YOUR favorite flavor of ice cream?
Going Nuts for Nuts!
There are so many different types of nuts that you can enjoy and even bring to school for lunch. Almonds, pistachios, peanuts... the list goes on and on! Can you think of any others?
Here is some fruit salad! It is very important to ensure that you stay healthy not just by exercising, but by eating healthy foods as well. Fruit is a great source of energy and it is good for your body.