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How To Teach Yoga

by Caroline Reilly


How to Teach a Great Yoga Class
By Mrs. Reilly
Table of Contents 1

Chapter 1 The Materials You Need for 2

Chapter 2 Types of Classes You Could 3

Chapter 3 How to Center Your 4

Chapter 4 What are Sun Salutations? 5

Chapter 5 How to Finish with Peace!......................... page 6 7
Did you know yoga can provide so many benefits to people such as developing greater flexibility and feeling innate happiness? Yoga is an ancient Indian science and philosophy. The type of yoga we practice in the West is asana, or the movement practice of yoga. There are different types of poses that help to strengthen the body and calm the mind. In order to teach a yoga class, it is important to understand these different types of classes, different poses, and all the materials you need. You also need to know how to teach sun salutations, how to properly center your class, and end in savasana.  Teaching yoga is a great way to spread joy!
Chapter 1: The Materials You Need for Class

While the amount of materials you need to practice and teach yoga might be less than other sports, there are still some important things you need to make sure you have for a successful class! You need to have a yoga mat for yourself and mats for your students. You also need to have yoga blocks. Yoga blocks are foam or cork blocks that look like bricks. These are helpful to getting correct alignment in poses without hurting yourself. You also need blankets! You can use these to make your students feel more comfortable in relaxing poses, and they can help support your students knees. In addition, you need bolsters. Bolsters are like pillows that help support your body too. Make sure you have all these things before you start teaching yoga!
Yoga Mat
Other helpful materials:

- Candles
- Music playlist / stereo 
- Comfortable clothes
- Hair ties 
- Essential oils