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Social psychology and behavior

by navjeet kaur


Relationship between Social Psychology and COVID-19.
Navjeet Kaur
The pandemic had an impact on everyone's life, just as it had on mine. Being able  to spend every day in the same environment and presence of the same people may have had an impact on my behavior and how I interact with others now.
"Social Psychologists focus on how situations affect behavior and are therefore in a good position to offer guidance on pandemic-related behavior" ( meier et al., 2021)
Many studies and research has shown that Covid has had an great impact on social factors and behaviors in children. "increased sedentary behavior, disrupted sleep patterns, and caused changes in lifestyles at home and outside, especially among children and adolescents" (Annam et al., 2022). Due to distant learning and online school children who just entered school have not gotten the chance to engage in social factors such as socializing with other children, and now feel nervous to talk to others.
Due to all this the behavior and social factors of some people have been affected.
This research, which featured a quasi-experimental design and four unique sorts of articles that were gathered before and after the lockdown but not during it, assisted in determining the effect of the pandemic on social behavior ( meier et al., 2021).
The researchers discovered that interactions were more antagonistic and judgmental, and that cyberbullying had increased as a result of the anxiety and pressure. This enabled everyone to experience sensations of fear-reduction techniques ( meier et al., 2021).
"We expand upon these findings by discussing how social psychology can help us understand and modify behaviors related to health and social relations during major threats like a pandemic" ( meier et al., 2021).
We build on these findings by describing how social psychology might assist in understanding and modifying social and mental wellbeing behaviors in response to significant threats, such as a pandemic ( meier et al., 2021). our mental and social behaviors change when we are around any type of threat or something fearful in our environment and an example of that would be a pandemic, since everyone had the fear of getting COVID-19.
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