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No Struggle No Growth

by ken malunay


No Struggle,No Growth
This is the story of San Francisco Native: Dowen Del Rosario, who dreams of playing basketball one day in the NBA. However, his small size makes him a target for humiliation and rejection on the court. Right when he wants to give up on his dreams, he runs into someone who changes his world upside down. He makes changes in his lifestyle and work ethic, and sooner or later, people are taking back their words and regret making fun of him back when he was younger.
As soon as the clock hit 3, Dowen rushed from school and headed to the local park. He changed in the backroom and put on his basketball shorts, shirt, and sneakers. What was going on the park you may ask? Dowen would be playing basketball.
One thing to know about Dowen was that he was the smallest kid in his entire 5th grade class and has always been. He was going to be playing with some really tall guys.

"Hey guys. I'm ready to play."- Dowen says to his "friends", but they all tease him, telling him to go away.
"Shouldn't you be in the sandbox Dowen? No way is a kid small like you ever gonna be good enough to play with the big boys."
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Dowen walks home sad. His dreams of playing basketball are crushed. He refused to watch it, play it, or think about it ever again. All because some boys were telling him is too small. He sits on a bench with his teary eyes in his hands.
All of a sudden he feels someone touch his shoulders, and looks up and the tears started to vanish.