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by :Valeria, Arnoldo, Mario, Maria Fernanda y Luis.

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This is MacGuffin our food detector that helps evaluate whether the food istransgenic or not or if it really has the nutrients that offers. We

would love to put it on sale and help people make better choices when it comes to buying food. Our detector is made out of eco-friendly

materials like: bamboo, recycled plastic, etc… and it does not pollute like other products do. It is very easy to use and it also has a very

accessible price , it is only $ 20 dollars. Its design is a remote TV - like and we used recycled materials to make it. MacGuffin detectors

are made out of parts of other recycled devices . 
Transgenic Food Detector 



When the food passes through the coils

of Macguffin detector, the high-frequency field

is disturbed under one coil, changing the

voltage by a few microvolts. The output is used

to detect if the food contains nutrients and the

required quality to be consumed. It  can be

used throughout the food production process

in order to protect consumers by detecting the

necessary amount of sugar,salt

and contaminants and preventing the

contaminated food from ending up on

retailers' shelves. 
It is important to evaluate food that we eat every day. As

consumers we need to know our chances to get healthy food or

food that is completely toxic for our system. We all should be able

to evaluate what food contains. We all know that by consuming 

food that is considered unhealthy it has bad effects on our health

in a long term. MacGuffin gives us all the opportunity to be able

to make good choices when it comes to buying and eating

food and to have a balanced diet and as a result a healthy life .

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