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Purity Lost

by Matias


Purity Lost
Matias Peña
The Loss of Innocence 
Exiled from the Garden of Eden

Forbidden fruit lost its skin
glowing from the sun’s kiss.
His scales gripping against her arms

into dusk.

Sour satisfaction dripping down their plump puckered lips 
and the tigers roared at the sky falling.

The rivers are on fire. 

And they wailed at the sight of horses
running from cheetahs bathed in their hunger
blades for teeth.

Jophiel blew the horn.

Open your innocent eyes
He is here to judge.
Expulsion From the Garden of Eden
Peter Paul Rubens, 1620

I remember you
stumbling like a child 
down a street you’ve forgotten 
in a place of agony--

I fear one day I will not care
of the beer dancing in your glass
and in another moment 
I wish to speak your name again
without guilt--

When dusk bleeds 
I still see you walking 
the lights exposing you
but you never notice--

In another day
I wish to see you whole again--

What are you when you say--

don’t hate me
don’t hate me 
because I love you.
Son’s Grudge

what are you beyond
these pictures placed on our walls
i've seen for so long--

you are nothing from 
the bland smile you have painted--
my eyesight is clear

you are a poor man 
your secrets hold lies 
and i’m left trapped in

this black endless void 
you called a sanctuary
but i know better--

i no longer trust
you, admit that i love you
for i'm a dead man--

time and time again
i ponder how this space sounds
when you are silent.