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CO24 Live Online Conference - Day 2

by Glenda Gallardo

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Session 1 Mindful Reflections: Balancing Thought in the Digital Age.

Session 2 What words?

Session 3 Addressing Unemployment, Inequality, and Poverty: A Call to Rethink Strategies.

Session 4 Roleplaying with AI. Language Text Games.

Session 5 EAP teacher identity negotiation, positive emotions and the act of becoming.

Session 6 The FunSongs Way! Teaching through music and mime, rhythm and rhyme.

Session 7 Ethics and biases related to AI and Data.

Session 8 ChatGPT: Do’s and Don'ts.

Session 9 Artificial Intelligence trends for ELT.

Comic Panel 1
Mindful Reflections: Balancing Thought in the Digital Age by Dr. Kiran Lata Dangwal.
Dr. Kiran Lata Dangwal discussed the importance of mindful reflection in balancing thoughts in the digital age. In her presentation, she covered various aspects such as overthinking, challenges posed by technology, and strategies to maintain mental well-being.