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7BG3 - Lost in Ancient Egypt

by Santi D, Sofi F, Juli G, Juanber M, Isa O.

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Lost in ancient egypt.
7 mo b
Members: Santiago Duran, Isabella Ortiz, Juan Bernardo Medina, Sofia Figueroa, Juliana Gurrero.

 One day in 2022, it was Sofi's birthday and she invited her friends for her birthday and received a watch as a gift. The guardians of time, slaves, gave her. Later, they realized that they gave her the wrong magical watch. It was a watch that allowed time travel through tunnels. The kids were playing in a jet pack.

The children discovered its power and decided to travel to ancient Egypt. There, they found the pharaoh and asked him in which year they were in because they needed to travel back. He answers that they were in 2000 but that in a week it will be 3000. And they get very scared so they decide to return to the present. And they had  a little bit of time. He had a few meals.



Pharaoh told them to ask the mummies how to get back. There were a lot of mummies.

When they met a mummy they asked her how to get back and he told them to smash a few buttons and the kids pressed a button correctly and they traveled back.
 Finally they came back and forgot everything.

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