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YR starters 2023-24

by Mawgan-in-Pydar Primary School


Welcome to Mawgan-in-Pydar
Primary School 2023-24
Welcome to the Aspire Academy Trust.
Aspire is a vibrant, highly successful and widely recognised Trust determined to raise standards of educational achievement to the very highest levels. We don’t just aim for our children to achieve what is average or expected, but for them to excel both academically and in character.
We live in a global economy that requires our children to be prepared to think both critically and creatively, solve complex problems, and to communicate well. Mastery of the basics: reading, writing, maths and technology is our core purpose, and this sits firmly alongside ensuring our children have well-developed social and emotional skills. Aspire academies have a strong emphasis on the sport, arts and social, moral spiritual and cultural education.
All our 36 schools and academies are an integral part of their local communities and have a real sense of identity. We value the contribution each of our communities makes and the distinctive opportunities and diversity it offers to the Trust. By working in true partnership, we offer exceptional learning experiences to all our children, so they benefit from the strength that being part of the extended Aspire family brings. If you want to learn more about us, then please visit our website at

I look forward to hopefully welcoming you to the Aspire family!
Vanessa Bragg
Aspire CEO
Head of School Welcome
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Welcome to Mawgan-in-Pydar Primary School.

Our school prides itself on providing a happy, safe, secure and supportive learning environment. At Mawgan-in-Pydar every child is special and unique. All our children are encouraged to care for and support one another.
At the centre of our ethos is an unwavering belief that all children can succeed and should enjoy their school experience while achieving their full potential. Our aspiration is that every child can feel that they are part of a vibrant, caring community. A community in which they can feel confident enough to try new things without fear of failure and one in which everybody has something to offer and something to learn.
We aim to give every child the opportunity to excel not only academically, which we certainly do, but in every area of their life. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Deanne Carden - Head of School
Vision & Values
Our Core Values:

Aspiration - We imagine possibilities and make them real.
Self Belief – We believe in ourselves - in heart, mind and soul.
Passion - We dare to be different and follow our dreams.
Integrity – We nurture trust and respect and do what is right.
Resilience - We find away or make a way.
Excellence – We strive to achieve our absolute best.
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Our mission for education is to be nurturing intelligent, employable global citizens who demonstrate social competence, a desire for learning and respect for each other and the world around them. 

To provide outstanding education and ensure that all pupils can reach their greatest potential and live by life’s highest values.
Trauma-Informed Schools
Trauma Informed Schools UK is a registered community interest company working in association with the Centre for Child Mental Health. It provides training to ensure that every adult in a school or community has the skills and understanding to respond appropriately to the relational and emotional needs children may display.

TiS supports schools to create a mentally healthy environment and culture in which all within the school community, adults and children alike, can flourish and achieve. It advocates a whole school response and evidenced based relational approaches to provide an enriched environment to buffer the impact of stress that may result from adversity and painful life events.

In addition, specially trained Trauma and Mental Health Informed Practitioners offer targeted intervention to children who may be experiencing challenges within their life that without support may act as a barrier to their ability to fully engage with life and learning. 
Our Curriculum
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Your child will follow the Early Years curriculum during their first year of school. They will then move onto the National Curriculum for Years 1-6. 

Further information of both of these curriculums can be found on the school website under Statutory Information-Curriculum